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Vehicle fleet management and monitoring

Effective fleet management, permanent access to key information, and motivated staff are the key success factors for any transportation company. They are also our main goals. Do you want to improve your company efficiency and turn it into the most competitive market player? You’ve come to the right place!

Multidimensional fleet management and monitoring with the Flotman system

Real-time management of vehicle localization is the basis of effective fleet management. We are fully aware of this relationship and we have decided to make it easier for you. Thanks to a detailed analysis of satellite data, Flotmat locators are able to determine the real-life position of vehicles with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.

Yet, localization is not all. Hooking the GPS system to a CAN bus, for instance, gives access to a lot of additional information which is then processed by our application to generate specific optimization solutions. Apart from the possibility to track routes, the Flotman system will also give you access to specific information.

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These are examples of trackable parameters in our application

  • Ride – now you can check when a driver entered or exited a given zone while on a planned route, and how many zones he has crossed on his or her route.
  • Parking – it lets you check how long each employee (e.g. a service technician) stays at a certain location (e.g. at the customer’s address).
  • Stops – it informs you about all stops made by the driver, even with a running engine.
  • Towage – you will know whether the vehicle is moving on its own or is being towed by another vehicle.

What’s more - a specially designed module will also allow you to manage your customer database. Thanks to transparent summaries of all the issues relevant to your company, you can easily assign a customer to a specific driver or a salesperson and plan their route. Precise reports about the number and the duration of meetings your drivers hold will allow you to track if they stick to the plan and perform the entrusted tasks correctly. In this simple way, your fleet monitoring will help you gain full control over your company.

Fleet monitoring - an effective platform for employee training

People are the most important asset of every company. This is why caring for their safety is the best thing you can do for your fleet. Thanks to the Flotman system you will gain access to specific parameters of every ride, such as engine speed, sudden braking, or the ABS and ESP system data. All this information will allow you to offer each of your employees a personalized approach, improve their efficiency, and eliminate their weaknesses. Each of your drivers can access their individual driver panels and control their results in real-time. In this way, fleet monitoring will make your drivers realize the benefits of economical rides. Our scoring system, which gives drivers the possibility to compare their own rankings with those of other drivers, will help them change bad driving habits. To further motivate your employees to try and improve their driving parameters you can offer additional functions, such as gamification. All these tools will result in both increased safety and optimized fleet management costs.

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GPS Flotman is a solution tailored to the specific needs. We will help you identify and select the best parameters of the GPS system for your business

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Fleet management cost optimization through constant monitoring

Are you looking to optimize costs in your company? Start with your vehicle fleet. The option of adding invoices to the Flotman system will allow you to calculate the full fleet maintenance costs and verify its efficiency. The data imported from fuel cards will alert you about any irregularities in fuel filling or fuel losses, which will significantly improve your fleet management oand reasonable cost planning. And these aren’t even all the savings you can get. Our system makes it possible to economize on everyday activities, such as route planning and client visits. By marking predefined points on the map, you can optimize your drivers’ work and help them plan their routes more efficiently eliminating the unnecessary kilometers. Transparent eco-driving data will show you a complete picture of corporate vehicle exploitation and provide necessary information to determine whether or not the driving style of your employees contributes to excessively high maintenance costs.

Our comprehensive fleet management system is a great help in automizing tasks in many different areas. By facilitating data analysis, it allows for efficient fleet management, saves time, and reduces costs. Transparent and exhaustive BI reports and dashboards are a huge help in the data analysis process and permit intelligent management of your company goals. If you seek to make yourfleet management and monitoring, as well as your drivers’ everyday work easier - get in touch with us. Together we will design a comprehensive route to your success!

If you seek to make your fleet management and monitoring, as well as your drivers’ everyday work easier - get in touch with us. Together we will design a comprehensive route to your success!

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